MK factory fake IWC million pilot series mark 18 small prince replica watch true and false contrast

As an entry-level fake watch for the replica IWC pilot series, Mark has always been favored by watch enthusiasts. In 2016, Swiss watchmaker fake IWC once again presented an entry-level replica watch നe little prince 18 pilot, although this replica watch does not Timing function, but simple, ultra-thin, clear. The stainless steel case, with a calfskin replica watches uk on the dark blue dial, is very stylish.

The MK factory is a rookie replica watch factory in recent years. It is produced by the Wannian Mark 16, 17 and exquisite workmanship. It is recognized by everyone, and it is also named as the MK factory. Other products that have been followed are not disappointing. The engravings stand firm, and today's replica watch is brought to you by the "Little Prince" pilot replica watch special edition Mark 18, this is also a genuine open mold build, I believe it will not be bad, the following will be with the authentic one by one Contrast, for your reference, is it worth starting?

Overall contrast: MK mark 18 small prince and genuine put together, are dark blue dial, equipped with stylish brown calfskin strap, the dial of the two dials is very similar, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Like the cockpit instruments rolex replica, the Mark 18 perfectly exemplifies the essence of the traditional pilot's replica watch and fully explains the features that the pilot's replica watch has always maintained.

Dial comparison: Both models are made of dark blue round dial. The whole surface of the disc has a laser effect. It is clear and simple, with luster and fine texture. The overall texture can be compared with the original. Look carefully, the black oil blasting process in the dial, the matte texture is very obvious. Both dial size, digital scale and strap line are very close, the replica is a genuine mold opening fake rolex, perfect!

Crown contrast: the crown has been polished, the side of the head, including the wire drawing work and the authenticity is very delicate, the head size and position are very consistent, the replica is the perfect escape.

Comparison of the bottom of the table: the genuine back cover is affixed with plastic laminating film, which has reflective, but does not affect the observation. The back cover engraves the little prince pattern, the pattern engraving and polishing and polishing are very similar to the original, and the laser of the outer ring is not seen. The carving is also handled in accordance with the original craftsmanship. It is very fine and flawless. It is not the work of any small factory in the market.