Detailed evaluation of replica watches ZF Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

When it comes to diving replica watches, everyone's first reaction may think of water ghosts. Actually, as early as 1952, Blancpain launched the world's first "modern diving watch": Fifty Fathoms. It can be said that the Fifty Fathoms is the originator of all diving fake watches. In many replicas of the Fifty Fathoms, the Fifty Fathoms of the N Factory is a good version in terms of material craftsmanship. ZF, the replica watch that I brought to you today, will not disappoint you. After more than a year of research and development, the revisions have been repeated, and the technical difficulties have been overcome, and the pursuit of perfection has finally surpassed the current level of the N factory. Let's take a look at another classic ZF launch.

As a diving fake watch, the application of the front sapphire and the filling of the outer ring are the key to the technical difficulty and the texture of the watch. The outer circle of the sapphire is the circle of sapphire, and the night light is required to be filled. The technical requirements are very high. Many times of improvement, the sapphire outer ring and the spherical sapphire crystal, the inner layer coating, in the light refraction replica horloges, can be consistent with the authenticity to present a beautiful blue circle, the overall texture is perfect.

50 Why the price is high, because the entire cost of the process is very difficult, the processing of sapphire is to use diamond powder to grind out the shape of the arc, and then polished, the process is very difficult. The picture below shows the blue aperture of the mirror. It is very beautiful. The blue outer ring can be very big. In the thin and complicated shape, it needs to be polished and polished, and the yield is very low. ZF Factory 50 also corrected the problem of glass reflective ghosting on the market version. After the correction, the effect of violet coating was observed at the edge of the glass. It was clear at a glance and kept the same process as the original.

The design of the dial pointer is highly consistent with the characteristics of the diving replica watch. The pointer and scale design are very thick, which can ensure clear reading time under water or insufficient light. The font, color and proportion on the dial are well-positioned. The position is accurate, the font is clear, the scale is normal, 3, 5, 9, 12 digits are timely and the stereoscopic effect is full replica rolex, the luminous filling is just right, the sapphire mirror has no ghosting under the direct light, it is very transparent, and it has a spherical effect from the side. The same texture as the original.