There are some replica watches watches out there that, you might

There are some replica watches watches out there that, you might hear, seem to have always been around. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph works so well as a natural extension of the Diver collection that, to me, it is certainly such a watch. A couple of weeks ago at SIHH 2016, Audemars Piguet finally improved on its "ROO Diver" - originally released at SIHH 2010 - by adding a chronograph function to it. Do the math, and you'll find it took six years for the brand to make the first major and major update to this collection. To compensate for this long wait, the production of Le Brassus debuted not one, but four different color options. Here's our practical look.

In 2016, the luxury watch industry (and many of its peers) is still in a phase where, for a renowned manufacturer, the debut of new colored pieces can be considered a "controversial move". I can't help but think of the many and considerably more pressing issues in the industry, which we've covered extensively here - things that should probably come before a brand's fear of "losing it" just because it has debuted some colorful watches.

Sure, whether you want to wear a bright yellow (or green, or orange, or replica watches uk blue) watch or not is definitely in your personal preference, but suddenly finding a "controversial" or "polarizing" brand for its use of colors on a sports collection can be an unnecessary step too far in watch snobbery.

When approached with a more open mind, the new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore diving chronograph may surprise you with its blend of vibrant colors and typical AP craftsmanship - I could feel its really fun vibe coming to me even in Snowy-foggy Geneva in mid-January. While the alleged success or failure of color combinations may very well be attributed to personal taste, I can only applaud it when brands leave their usual - and, for the most part, not very glamorous - black-silver-white colorways and dare to think. out of the box a little. At a time when such a large number of high-end brands devote most of their attention to "heritage", "tribute", "anniversary" and "vintage", to see rolex replica something fun, not apologetic and daring like the new ROO Diver Chronograph, it was a really refreshing experience ... even if, technically, it's based on a design from 1972.

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